Your Dog

Dogs are creatures of habit that also like to explore! Bringing in something new to their environment can be fun but may need some positive encouragement for them to feel comfortable.
After your dog's new PetQuarters is installed, we recommend taking the time to introduce and make your dog feel at ease in their new outdoor space.

Take your pet out to explore, on a leash beside you. Bring some extra treats for this special occasion. At approach allow "your best friend" to use their nose to explore all sides of the structure and placing treats at the base. Praise is always recommended!
Then bring your dog back to their front door and place treats on the inside of the house. Encourage with your voice and again provide a trail of good smells into the inside.

If your dog has a strong play drive, take a favorite toy and place it inside and ask them to retrieve it. This allows your dog to know that it's fun to go in and there is a fun way out.

Repeat this once or twice daily if needed for 2 weeks, if your dog is not readily using his/her PetQuarters on their own. A familiar blanket from a bed inside, or an old t-shirt will help encourage your dog to become familiar with the new space inside. Even feeding a meal or two inside may also help establish a new behavior. With dogs having a natural denning instinct, they should embrace the feeling of a safe and comfortable spot to rest, sometimes just needing a little help from us.

 -- From a Professional Dog Trainer

Please contact PetQuarters LLC at 267-800-3590 if you have any questions in helping to acclimate your dog in their new PetQuarters!