Why Should I Buy A PetQuarters?


PetQuarters homes are durable outdoor homes with a concealed HVAC unit tucked away safely in the roof. This is unlike competing pet homes with HVAC units on the outside, creating an eyesore and questionable safety.


A PetQuarters home is more economical compared to the “away-from-home” pet services such as doggie day care.


A PetQuarters home relieves the stress of getting home on time for your pet when you are detained. Be comforted in knowing that your pet is comfortable and relaxed in his home away from home.


PetQuarters homes are constructed with high quality lumber and hardware, ensuring long-lasting comfort for your pet.


PetQuarters homes are easy to assemble -- 8 interlocking parts come with detailed assembly instructions and a video! (or, even easier, we will assemble your PetQuarters home for you)


Your pet will be content and stress free, because he/she has access to the outside. Additionally, the concealed HVAC unit maintains the right temperature for cold or hot days.


You can spoil your dog with extra accommodations such as a comfy bed to rest on or an extra window to look out of.

Most importantly, your pet deserves a Home-Away-From-Home!

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