'Bronx' - From Virginia:

Bronx’s custom house arrived in early November just before the cold weather started here in Virginia. I was extremely relieved that Sherri & Mike, the owners of PetQuarters, were willing to personally transport and set up the doghouse. I’d been looking for a well made dog house and this one exceeded my expectations. It is meticulously designed: Mike is a helicopter mechanic and is used to designing everything to the 100th of an inch. Design quality is clearly a priority: the plastic flaps at the entrance are double hung (one from the front of the door frame and the other a couple inches behind that). The heating system has a wonderful timer function so that you can set the number of hours until the unit either turns on or off which is great for when you go to work. The dog house was even delivered with jars of touch-up paint.

Bronx’s story: he first arrived at the animal shelter where I volunteer in October of 2011. He had been returned from adoption three times for his resource guarding before I adopted him in May 2016. With his high energy level and resource guarding, providing him with full-time outside access to a fenced in yard seemed like the best option provided he had a climate controlled dog house to keep him comfortable year round. It is my hope that more people discover the flexibility of dog ownership when you have a PetQuarters dog house. It has the potential to help to provide permanent homes for hard to place shelter dogs. It is also perfect for people who would love to have a dog but think they can’t because they work long hours.

meet bronx, one of our satisfied clients meet bronx, one of our satisfied clients

Justin - From Georgia:

I am extremely satisfied with the design and construction of this dog house. Many of the materials used to build this house are the same materials used to build the homes that the average American Homeowner lives in. Shortly after being left alone in the back yard with his new dog house for the first time my dog, Walter, entered his new dog house to enjoy some cool air on a hot summers day. Since then, every time I have come home after leaving him in the backyard I have found him in his climate controlled house. This is a great relief for me to know that while I am at work my dog will have shelter from the hot Georgia sun in the summer and the cold morning winds in the winter as well as any inclement weather that may blow through my neighborhood. I recommend this dog house to any pet owner that finds themselves leaving their dog alone often at home. This dog house gives a dog the freedom to relieve themselves when needed while still being shielded from the elements of Mother Nature.

climate-controlled dog house meet walter, one of our satisfied clients

Cool Dog Gear Staff Member:

I most highly recommend Pet Quarters due to their professionalism and workmanship. The Pet Quarters dog house has been on display at our store, Cool Dog Gear, for the past month. The set up process was prompt, efficient, neat and clean.

The folks at Pet Quarters provided everything we needed to have a beautiful front window display including signage, rack cards, business cards and informational sheets for our staff. Sherri would come to our store during high customer hours several times a week to speak with customers personally about their innovative dog house.

Their workmanship and professionalism is exceptional. Every member of their team is committed to creating the best possible product for the customer.

I hope to work with the folks from Pet Quarters on future endeavors. They have exceeded my expectations and it was an absolute pleasure working with every member of their team.