How PetQuarters Dog Houses Are Made

How PetQuarters Dog Houses Are Made

Each PetQuarters house is built using standard home building practices and materials; the only difference is that the interior walls are made of 3/8 inch plywood sheathing instead of sheetrock, which is not moisture tolerant. All studding and joists are assembled with deck screws and the interior and exterior sheathing is attached with galvanized ring nails. The eight pieces that make up the structure have locating pins for proper alignment and are ether strapped, screwed or bolted together. This makes for a tight, weather resistant structure. The exterior is primed and painted to your choice of colors; the interior is primed and painted semi-gloss white. The roofing is made of 25 year standard shingles in your choice of color.


The base is insulated with R7.5 foam insulation with a 6 ml plastic moisture barrier, the part of the base that goes against the ground is ½ inch pressure treated plywood to prevent wood deterioration. The walls are aligned to the base with pins and metal straps lock the sidewalls to the base. The floor can be covered with an optional flooring treatment or bound commercial carpeting.


The walls are insulated with R13 fiberglass insulation with a Kraft paper moisture barrier. The siding is a composite textured panel. The side walls can be fitted with optional windows. The front wall has the opening for your pet and is provided with a double sided clear plastic curtain to provide a weather barrier. The rear wall opens to provide you with access to the inside for cleaning.

HVAC Pallet (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

The pallet goes on top of the walls, it forms the interior ceiling and the base for the HVAC unit. It too is insulated with the same insulation as the walls and is pined and bolted to the walls. The HVAC unit is rated at 7,000 BTU’s cooling and 3,850 BTU’s heating. The heated or cooled air is directed into the room by insulated ducting and the return air ducting is fitted with a replaceable air filter.


The roof is made up of two interlocking and overlapping panels to provide an easily assembled and water tight structure. The two panels are pinned to the HVAC pallet and locked together at both peaks with an interconnecting panel. The 25 year rated shingles are laid up over 15lb tar paper and double nailed.

Shipping Container

The eight parts that make up the house and a box of hardware arrive at your driveway in a specially designed shipping container. Each piece is removed as it is needed in the assembly process. The container protects the parts during transit and easily comes apart for access to each part.